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Advantages of the project

Favorable location

m3 Saburtalo is located in the central part of Tbilisi, on the right bank of the Mtkvari, on the plot of land of 11.5 hectares between Gelovani Avenue and Bakradze Street, in 900 meters from the Monument of Man and Tiger.

Living in a green environment

The central park, with a boulevard and bicycle lanes will be the main attraction of the district. The park will include sports playgrounds, recreation and entertainment, picnic and barbecue areas.

District infrastructure

The area along with the residential zone includes educational, sports, recreational and entertainment infrastructure. There will be restaurants, cafes, salons, shops, an indoor swimming pool, gym, a school and a kindergarten, a guest lounge and co-working space.

About the project

District for modern people

ZGF, American architectural firm, worked on the concept of the new district - “m³ Saburtalo”.

“m³ Saburtalo” provides you with a unique chance to widen your private space, live in a free, diverse, and comfortable environment, where an apartment comes with a neighborhood. The concept of m³ focuses on the needs and tastes of modern people.

In m3 you will find such a community environment, where you can enjoy your free time interacting with your neighbors and making friends. Ideal places for this would be a park, picnic area and guest area, hiking or bicycle lanes, indoor and outdoor children's spaces.

In order to follow a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, the new district will include sports and recreational facilities for people of all ages.

Co-working spaces will be located in all residential buildings so that you were able to work remotely in a quiet and peaceful environment in your district. This will be the place where you will plan your new business opportunities and will meet interesting professionals.

Desired apartment

Our range of apartments is quite diverse and includes both compactly designed apartments for the needs of young people, students or newly created families, as well as comfortable and spacious apartments designed for large families.

The area of the smallest studio type apartment starts from 34.39 Sq.m. and the area of the largest 3-bedroom apartment is 125.16 Sq.m.


To provide the apartment with the design you desire, we offer additional services:

White Frame Apartment – Only in Phase III
SERVICE TREND - You buy an apartment with partitions and electromechanical wiring planning offered by m².
SERVICE COMFORT- Based on your needs with the assistance of a designer you can change the partitions layout and the existing plan of electromechanical wiring.

SERVICE TREND - You choose one of the 5 most trendy design versions of a fully refurbished apartment developed by our designers. Your apartment is delivered to you on promised time of construction deadline.
SERVICE COMFORT - Take advantage of the individual services of our designer, who will tailor the design to your desires with renovation materials presented in Gallery.


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